Amalfi Coast and Sicily

The Amalfi coast is a mixture of history and nature, with a lot to discover: the Cathedral of Amalfi, the villas in Ravello and the many churches built during the period of the republic of Amalfi. Discover the Galli's islands facing Positano, the Emerald Grotto, near Conca dei Marini and much more.

There are many traditional events on the Amalfi coast: Saints days, festivals and celebrations for everyone. Each town and village, from the smaller to the most important feature events to let visitors discover a piece of mediterranean culture and tradition.

Discover the quaint coastal towns and villages, including Positano, a bustling city with a variety of colourful homes, enchanting streets, and upscale boutiques.

Get ready to be astounded by the island of Capri's magnificent beauty as you cruise towards it on your yacht. Explore the amazing Blue Grotto, a sea cave that emits an ethereal blue light.

Without sampling local cuisine, a journey to the Amalfi Coast would be incomplete. Spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) and grilled octopus are two examples of the region's well-known seafood specialities. You can also try some of the famed limoncello that is produced in the area from lemons harvested along the coast.

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