Fiji is one of many small countries in the South Pacific Ocean. Fiji is somewhat east of Australia, southwest of Samoa, and north of New Zealand. Tonga, New Caledonia and Vanuatu are also nearby. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. The two main islands are Vanua Levu to the north and Viti Levu to the south.

Fiji's clear waters are renowned as among the best in the world for diving and snorkelling. An archipelago of over 300 islands spread over 200,00 square miles, Fiji offers hundreds of diving sites to please everyone from novice through to experienced diver.

Fiji has a comfortable and warm tropical climate making it the perfect destination for holidays on the water. Fiji's climate is world renowned for it's blue sky's beaming sun and crystal clear waters.

Throughout the islands, coral reefs are accessible either directly from the beach (ideal for snorkelling) or just a short boat ride away. Many of our charter vessels have scuba equipment for guests and trained divers in the crew who can assist with all your underwater adventures.

Other water-based activities also abound in Fiji; game fishing, surfing, waterskiing or swimming. Or try your hand at kayaking, jet boating, windsurfing, parasailing, even bamboo-rafting in a bilibili along Fiji's streams and rivers.

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