Myanmar (Burma)

Completely shut off and isolated from the outside world for over 50 years, Myanmar and it's Mergui archipelago are one of the last remaining places on earth where visitors can genuinely discover places completely untouched by commercialisation and large scale tourism. There are over 800 islands in the archipelago to explore, most of them completely unchartered and uninhabited. In fact the only people who live in the area are the nomadic Moken people affectionately known as 'Sea Gypsies' living a traditional, entirely sustainable lifestyle on the sea. A yacht charter in the area will include a visit to these communities, a fascinating and educational experience.

Most of the islands are covered in thick, centuries old rainforest with staggering diversity of flora and fauna. The isolation and lack of human interference on the islands has allowed the rainforest eco-systems and wildlife to thrive.

Underwater, the best conditions in the archipelago for diving are from November through to April; whale sharks and manta rays are usually in the area from February until May. Other marine life includes frogfish, grey reef sharks, ribbon eels, cowries, mobula rays, lobsters, ghost pipefish and nurse sharks. While the coral reefs are thriving and bustling with marine life big and small.

This is still a sanctuary for avid adventurers though it is changing quickly, if you want to see the true Myanmar, a country lost in time, we encourage you to visit quickly before international business and commercial tourism takes over.

Located on Myanmar's south western coast, close to Thailand's Phuket Island, the Mergui cruising ground is perfectly positioned to begin your charter from Phuket where you will find direct international flights and a full host of tourist amenities.

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