New Zealand

The activity options for a yacht charter in New Zealand are diverse and endless, from visiting the Fiords of the south with waterfalls that plunge from mountainous cliff edges to the sea, to vineyards, world class golf courses, adventure sports, diving, fishing, endless beaches and everything in between. Just tell us what you want and we will create the perfect itinerary for you.

Exploring the endless coastline of New Zealand by luxury yacht is by far the best way to travel in New Zealand. There are numerous possible itineraries guests can take from the warmer sub-tropical climate of the northern islands to the striking glaciers and mountainous beauty of the south.

Trips inland are also made possible with excellent land and helicopter transfer services to visit key points of interest not accessible by boat.

New Zealand has a climate that ranges from subtropical in the upper north, down to temperate further south.In summer (Dec-Feb), the maximum temperature is about 20-30ºC/ 68-86ºF and in winter (June-Aug) 10-15ºC/ 50-59ºF. The warmest, finest weather is between October and April, and this is a popular time for boating holidays.

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