The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti offers; exciting scuba diving and surfing, beautiful smiling people and amazing flora and fauna in a riot of colours. The fascinating history, culture and tradition, exotic tastes of french cuisine with a tropical twist and of course the famous black pearls combine to create an ideal yacht charter destination with something for everyone. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is a tropical paradise of numerous island groups best explored by private yacht. With 118 islands in total, there is a lot to explore and great variance in cruising types. From mountainous, jungle clad volcanic landforms and azure blue lagoons to low lying sandy atolls rimmed with golden beaches hiding thriving reefs beneath, the Islands of French Polynesia have it all. Below is a quick summary of each island group.

The islands of French Polynesia are a semi-autonomous French overseas territory. People speak French, Tahitian and other Polynesian languages.

French Polynesia enjoys tropical, warm and humid weather all year round. There are often pleasant breezes to balance the heat and humidity. May through October is a popular time to visit: there is little rain during this time of year and less humidity.

Consisting of the Windward and Leeward Islands, the Society Islands are high tropical islands which offer fantastic cruising, diving, shoreside activities and nightlife. They are the most visited of all the islands with Tahiti being the largest.

Each island is remarkable in its own way with spectacular scenery from every vantage point. A 7 to 10 day cruise from Tahiti allows a leisurely paced itinerary throughout this beautiful group of islands. We recommend travelling in the direction from Tahiti to Bora Bora as this goes with the trade winds and offers very comfortable cruising.

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