A faraway land and sea, showered with rich and exotic culture. Unfamiliar phenomena rise from turquoise surrounds carrying with them an intrigue, a deep curiosity which the area instils on all that visit this truly unique and special place. The cruising grounds available for luxury yacht charter in Thailand are like no other.

Geographically, Thailand is bordered to the north-west by Myanmar (Burma), to the north-east by Laos, to the south-east by Cambodia, and to the south by Malaysia.Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is a lively metropolis comprised of contemporary skyscrapers with traditional temples and palaces. Bangkok is renowned for its captivating nightlife, teeming street markets, and mouthwatering food.

Cruise through the splendour of the Andaman Sea along the western coast of southern Thailand, starting with the crystal-clear waters of the Butang Islands and dotting your way up the islands north to the iconic Phi Phi Island and Phang Nga Bay.

From here on the western coast, you can also visit the Andaman Islands, a territory of India, which offer an entirely different culture and some of South-east Asia's best diving.

Whether you want remote isolation with pristine, uninhabited islands to yourself or you fancy checking out the local nightlife, a yacht charter in Thailand can be tailored to suit everyone.

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