The Amazon

While not as remote as the upper Amazon and Rio Negro regions above Manaus, the lower Amazon River is a treasure trove of experiences, both natural and cultural. Because this stretch of river has, relatively speaking, larger population centres, it is also home to bigger and more significant museums and research centres and provides visitors with an excellent understanding of the progression of western culture into the Amazon Basin.

The Upper Amazon is an extraordinary region that holds a reputation as one of the most captivating wildlife destinations on Earth. Nestled within the lush rainforests of South America, this pristine ecosystem teems with an incredible diversity of plant and animal species.

The region includes Jau National Park, a World Heritage Site, and numerous indigenous communities, including 'Caboclos, who live in stilt houses along the river.

Besides the pristine natural and human environments, this part of the Amazon Basin is renowned as a mosquito-free region thanks to 'cauxi', a natural insecticide found in these waters.

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