Renown for their incredible diving, some even naming them the best in the world. The Tuamotus are a remote and completely unspoiled group of atolls in French Polynesia offering spectacular diving, surfing and other water sports. These atolls are an absolute MUST for any keen diver or adventurer.

The Tuamotu islands are located northeast of Tahiti. As the largest Polynesian archipelago, the Tuamotus consist of 78 islands and atolls.

These tropical islands are sparsely inhabited, remote and lack a solid tourism industry, hence are not a common destination for travellers. For those that are fortunate enough to visit on a yacht, it's an exciting and attractive destination.

The most well known of the islands are: Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau and the recently popularised Fakarava.

Most dive spots are fairly shallow (max. depth about 95 ft), the water is warm year round and the visibility is excellent. There is phenomenal snorkelling and conservation of the marine wildlife is a local governmental priority.

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