37South to Establish Further Presence in Asia

We are delighted to announce that 37South is working to establish a further presence in Asia. In house charter specialist, Fleur Tomlinson will be relocating to South East Asia from the end of April 2015 for several months. 

Director Allan Jouning explains, "We have recognised a growing demand in the region from both a cruising and agency perspective. The number of visiting superyacht's to Asia has been growing steadily and our enquiries for the area have increased significantly over recent years. Yachts visiting the South Pacific are now more often than not, also visiting South East Asia and the surrounding waters. It is becoming part of the package. As a yacht agency and charter brokerage we feel it is imperative to have a deep understanding of the areas we support. The move will provide invaluable insight in to a region where, in our opinion, you really have to experience it for yourself in order to understand. Fleur and I will both be attending the Singapore Yacht Show which will act as a platform to launch this new initiative. 

We hope to work closely with officials and support the work of agents based in Asia in formulating a simple system for charter of foreign flagged vessels throughout the region. We hope to one day achieve a similar outcome to what the industry has seen in NZ, Fiji and Tahiti boasting immeasurable economic benefits for all.

We intend to retain our independence and continue to offer unbiased advice and support for the entire Asia Pacific region."

The central location will give 37south the opportunity to investigate upcoming cruising destinations such as Myanmar and provide new insight and local knowledge on these areas.

Fleur and Allan will continue to jointly manage the 37South charter fleet and coordinate enquiries.

Fleur will be spending most of her time between the three main super yacht hubs, Singapore, Phuket and Bali. She will also be visiting destinations such as Myanmar and Indonesia. 

The company is very excited about investigating new opportunities for growth in new and emerging markets and exploring this fascinating area. 

37South look forward to broadening their scope of knowledge internationally and being able to share this with their clientele. 

For all enquiries please contact the 37South team at service@37southyachts.com