America’s Cup AC72: Rumors and Speculation

Speculation and waterfront rumours are heating up ahead of the Cup, Emirates Team New Zealand have been testing their second AC72 Aoteoroa, the first of the second generation boats on the water. 

It seems to be perhaps more oriented to upwind speed with finer hull sections and less rocker. Luna Rossa are keeping very quiet after testing sessions with ETNZ in Auckland.

Meanwhile in San Francisco after testing sessions and practice races between the first rebuilt Oracle boat and the Artemis no 1 boat ( the only non-foiling catamaran ) the Swedish boat has been rolled back into the shed for some major changes, Artemis got caned in the practise races.

So the interest now is whether Oracle’s second boat will look more like ETNZ’s first boat with more emphasis on downwind speed, will more Artemis heads roll and did they have time in the design and build of their second boat to recalibrate to join the other foiling teams….

Meanwhile the AC45 ‘build up series’ as Grant Dalton predicted it would, has turned into a side show and it looks like none of the teams are sending their A team to race the 45’s in Naples.
None of the teams are supposed to sail the AC72’s when the build-up series in the AC45’s is being raced. Oracle as defender wrote those rules, but since they are so far behind in sailing time on the water after crashing and burning .. want to bet they will be trying to get an exemption or just take the penalty fine and keep their 72 programme going in San Francisco?