Foreign Flag Charter Regulations Ease up in the South pacific

Over the years we, along with the marine industry of New Zealand and tourism industries of Fiji and Tahiti have worked closely with government bodies to ease the legality of foreign flag charter.

Click here for recent Vanuatu Legislation

Both Tahiti and Fiji have a relatively easy system in place where the VAT is charged on the charter rate = 12.5% in Fiji and 12% in Tahiti.

The process for permit can now be accomplished with 4 to 6 weeks notice. Tahiti Ocean, the most established yacht agency in Tahiti assisted over the years to make this happen.

Fiji has a similar system with the charter tax being 12.5%. - Yacht Help have been very instrumental in working with government.

New Zealand now has system in place for entry as a commercial yacht, GST of 15% is required to be paid on the charter rate. Inspection by the Maritime authorities for safety and manning certificate etc is performed. Thirty seven south with maritime industry office have been instrumental in getting this in place and recognized by the authorities.

Geoff Majer of Major yacht services in Sydney, continues to liaise with government officials to try and streamline the process in Australia. A much heavier task due to inter state regulations.

To download the charter rules and regulations for each country please click on the links below:

Fiji Foreign Flag Charter Rules and Regulations

Tahiti Foreign Flag Charter Rules and Regulations

New Zealand Foreign Flag Charter Rules and Regulations

Australian Foreign Flag Charter Rules and Regulations

The first step to foreign flag charter in the South Pacific is to contact 37South, we will put your applications through for you and guide you every step of the way.

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