New Entry Formalities for Visiting Super Yachts New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that foreign flag charter in NZ is now more straight forward than ever. Customs NZ and Maritime NZ have approved a new clear entry procedure for allowing foreign flagged superyachts, visiting New Zealand to undertake charter activity while in NZ.

This process enables superyachts to visit NZ for up to 24 months for a mix of cruising, refit/maintenance and charter work of less than 65% of the duration of their stay.

"Allan, Phil and Fleur of 37 South have been instrumental in working with me to achieve the above outcome and we look forward to NZ reaping the benefits through additional foreign exchange income for the NZ marine industry and other industry sectors of NZ." Peter Busfield, Executive Director, NZ Marine.

It is still important to contact the various govt departments well ahead of any intended charter in NZ so the various formalities/approvals can be attended to in a timely manner. 

37South is happy to assist any visiting vessel with these formalities. We hope this new found clarity on charter in NZ will bring many more vessels to our shores.