New K2r Marine Packaging

The must-have, TEAK spot lifter now comes in a much larger, Marine size complete with bristle lid and rust proof bottom.

The new size contains Aeresol 340g, well over twice the amount in the standard size making it much more practical for use in the marine industry. The bristled lid and rust proof bottom mean you can literally brush the marks away and place the can down on your spotless teak without worrying about rust marks from the bottom.

K2r has long been recognised for it's incredible spot lifting ability, originally developed for dry cleaning of clothes it was discovered for it's abilty to lift oils and marks from teak not long after. Since this discovery it's been one of those widely known secrets of the deckhands and stews on large yachts. A staple product on board for multiple tasks.

To order, and to read more about K2r, visit our K2r product page. We order in bulk direct from the states to make it cheaper for you down in the South Pacific.