Prime Minister Meets With 37South on MV Alucia

Prime Ministers Visit Tour of MV Alucia 8th August 2013. 3 









Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key met with Allan Jouning and Phil Tomlinson, directors of 37South on board superyacht Alucia Aug 8th to discuss New Zealand's marine and superyacht industry particularly the 
refit and repair of large yachts. 

DSC05362 1280x3The event was organised by Guy King and John McIntyre of Select Tours New Zealand to discuss the facilities required to accommodate large yachts with the intention of attracting more to New Zealand for their refit and maintenance. Allan Jouning and Phil Tomlinson of 37South, the leading superyacht support agent in the South Pacific, were invited to represent the industry at the meeting and to speak directly with the prime minister himself on the matter. 

The government has recognised ten major industries that are valuable or have potential value to the New Zealand economy. The superyacht refit industry is one of those areas which have the potential to expand and have further economic benefit for the country. By encouraging more yachts to come to New Zealand for their annual maintenance period brings business not only to the entire marine industry of New Zealand but also reaps benefits in the tourism sector. 

Allan Jouning and Phil Tomlinson discussed with the prime minister, the infrastructure and facilities required to compete internationally in this very lucrative market. The Prime minister acknowledged the needs of the industry and 37South remain positive that the industry will continue to grow. 

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Alucia the 56m Motor Vessel where the event was held, spent two months carrying out oceanographic research and cruising in the South Island before completing a four month refit in Auckland. The services of 37South and Select Tours as well as many other local companies were hired during their time in New Zealand.

Alucia is a privately owned superyacht that is chartered to carry out oceanographic research by the world's largest not for profit, research institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic institute. Alucia is complete with two submarines, a lab and all the latest research facilities. The portfolio of work this vessel has achieved includes being employed to help recover the Air France wreckage after the 2009 fatal crash as well as facilitating in finding 'the giant Squid'.

Both Select Tours- New Zealand’s premier tour company and 37South hope that the meeting helped to spark further interest in the industry. Allan Jouning of 37South says “If New Zealand had the facilities and infrastructure to support more vessels like Alucia there is no doubt that more and even larger superyachts will come to New Zealand for refits, maintenance and tourism”

A big thank you is owed to the fantastic crew of the MV Alucia for making the event possible and for accommodating our Prime Minister and marine industry professionals.

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