Successful Dockwise Visit to Auckland

Auckland welcomed the Dockwise 'Super Servant' yacht transport to her shores last week for another succesful trip. A total of 11 yachts were unloaded to NZ shores and 7 yachts were loaded on to be transported to their new destinations. 

An increase in activity from last year when we saw only 6 yachts discharged and 9 loaded.

The Super Servant 4 is now on it's way with it's new load to Golfito, Costa Rica before Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and then on to Palma de Mallorca! Included in the 7 yachts heading on their way from New Zealand were VvS1 who is off to the Med for sale, SY Drumbeg and SY Ghost. Included in the 11 yachts to grace New Zealand's shores was Allan Jouning's new 'luxury liner', Irving, a 34foot intrepid walk around. The team at 37South are looking forward to many company day trips out on the new boat and are thinking of claiming it as a company asset, Allan doesn't really need the whole thing to himself!

The sheer scale of this carrier never ceases to draw attention to itself with it's quite incredible engineering. For those that don't know, it works by literally sinking a large portion of itself before the vessels float on in an ordered manner and then it rises itself back up out of the water. Obviously it's a little more complicated than that but you get the general idea. 

Fleur was down on the wharf taking photos of the vessels being loaded, please see these below.