Welcome to Our New Website!

We are thrilled to have our beautiful new website up and running thanks to the talented young minds at Onfire Design.

You'll find an abundance of nifty features throughout our site such as our itemised Deck Supplies section where our customers can browse through our selection of hand picked, quality deck supplies with ease. The high quality, specialised brands we stock now get the pedistol they deserve with their own  informative pages and search function. Our customers are able to browse through each of our deck supplies whether it be by category or brand and add items to a 'quote list' which they can then send directly to us to receive a quote for the products and shipping. So easy!

We've also got a far more interactive Yacht Sales section where potential buyers are able to search for yachts by price, age, size and/or accomodation. Yachts are displayed clearly with big images and clear specifications layout. Similiar to the Deck Supplies section, brokerage has the ability to save yachts to a list of favourites which can then be sent off as an enquiry. There is also the ability to email yachts to a friend.

Even this very article has the ability to be 'liked' on facebook and 'tweeted'! Oh the possibilities are endless!

The whole website building process has been a real wake up call for us, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and it is so important to keep up. We plan to remain at the head of our game when it comes to technology so that we can continue to deliver, innovative and lateral solutions to our clients.

website homepage screen shot