October 28, 2021

Soothing Blues: The Future of Luxury Wellness on the Water

With those looking for the very best in luxury wellness and secluded escapes leaning towards open spaces and remote destinations, few offer the same sense of retreat than onboard your very own superyacht charter.

Yoga set up on the upper deck M/Y DARDANELLA

37south Yachts presents luxury superyacht M/Y Dardanella, offering bespoke wellbeing charter itineraries in French Polynesia with a focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing by immersing guests in the healing powers of pristine nature.

37m Motor Yacht Dardanella on Charter in Tahiti

The tailored programs combine the opulence of a superyacht with some of the most isolated and idyllic locations in which to experience holistic, exploration-led adventure that simply don’t compare to land-based retreats.

Diving on charter with M/Y Dardanella

 Guests can choose from detoxifying and nourishing menus, expert-guided yoga sessions, meditation, massage and handcrafted workshops to suit any level, capability and interest. Additional activities include diving, surfing, tender safaris and cultural trips ashore.

Surfing on charter with M/Y DARDANELLA

Dardanella onboard Wellbeing Facilitator: Ayumi Gallagher
Dardanella’s onboard wellbeing facilitator, Ayumi Gallagher has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer guests. After completing yoga training in Rishikesh, India and Pilates’ training in London, she spent six months in a Zen temple in Japan living a Zen Buddhist life. We chat to Ayumi to learn more about the onboard experience and her personal approach to wellness.

37south: What can a guest expect from a seven day wellbeing retreat onboard Dardanella?


Ayumi: We offer three levels of wellbeing experience which the guest can choose depending on their wishes:


1.   The enhance experience - a bespoke itinerary designed to be weaved around your planned adventures, whether it be pre-surf yoga, post diving stretching or relaxing massage. Each day is seamlessly tailored to enhance every experience

2.   The cleanse experience - designed around your itinerary, combining high intensity workouts, cleansing yogic practices, supported intermittent fasting and a light nourishing menu to leave you feeling lighter, leaner and in love with life

3.   The immersion experience – a full transformative retreat combining yoga, meditation, workshops and specially designed menus. Each element is uniquely programmed to bring guests back into their fullest and most vibrant selves

Sunrise Meditation on Dardanella


37south: What makes a wellbeing charter experience more special than visiting a retreat or spa?


Ayumi: The benefits of experiencing a wellbeing program on a boat compared to a retreat are almost immeasurable, but I will try and cherry pick a few!


Firstly, the total immersion in pristine nature can’t be measured. As research has reminds us, nothing is as deeply soothing and healing as nature, and onboard the Dardanella you are not only surrounded 360 degrees of pure natural bliss, you are also often travelling to remote places that most humans have never been.

Swimming with Humpback Whales on charter with M/Y Dardanella


Secondly, every day on a charter is completely unique. One morning, you may be practicing yoga facing an open ocean, and the next be taking in the vistas of soaring cliff faces dripping with tropical jungle.  This gift of movement also mean you can chase the good weather and the swell if you're looking for some surf.

Dardanella at Anchor


One of Dardanella's greatest gifts is her incredibly experienced crew of eight who are solely thereto meet your needs and ensure you are having an experience of a lifetime.

37south: What is your personal wellbeing philosophy?


Ayumi: I believe that within each of us lies an innate state of wellbeing. That through life's experiences and challenges, social demands and expectations, we start to accumulate our own beliefs, behavioural patterns and physical habits that can disconnect us from this state. So, to create a sense of wellness and harmony within ourselves, we need to shed these layers of protection and begin to uncover and nourish our own capacity of healing and vitality. In my opinion,  there is no better place than the Dardanella to disconnect from the distractions of life and reconnect to this inner state of bliss.

37south: Why are you passionate about wellness, and what’s your favourite part of your job?

Ayumi:I believe that the ingredients to uncovering a sense of wellness are so simple yet so many of us find it difficult to incorporate them into our daily lives. I love being able to strip things back to their most practical, approachable levels and empower people to take back control over their own sense of self and state of being. My favourite part of my job is to watch people transform themselves and through this transformation, remember their own power and ability to create the reality they dream of. 

37m Motor Yacht Dardanella at Sunset


37south: And finally, where is your favourite place to travel?


Ayumi:To balance my time on the ocean I love to hike into the mountains. As I travel so much, I love to go home to New Zealand when I can and wander off deep into the wilderness for a few days to  recalibrate my soul. 


For more information about Dardanella or to enquire about the bespoke wellbeing experiences, please contact our charter brokerage team at charter@37southyachts.com


About Dardanella

The37-metre Vitters designed explorer yacht has circumnavigated many remote and fascinating destinations around the globe on research expeditions and the crew have a passion for adventure and exploration. Experienced Captain Piot Rachalewski is also a qualified marine biologist, ecologist and competitive sailor.  For more about Dardanella, click here or contact us.


About French Polynesia

As far as the eye can see, the medley of ocean blues an instant tonic for relaxation. With miles of pristine nature, sea turtles, manta rays, humpback whales and exotic birds, French Polynesia is perfectly placed to rejuvenate the soul. Contact us and explore our website for more on this destination including when best to visit, click here.

Wildlife Encounters on charter with M/Y Dardanella

Current travel restrictions


French Polynesia is currently open to vaccinated travellers who have not travelled to ‘red zone’ countries within 15 days of inbound travel. For charter enquires or more information regarding Covid-19 policies, please contact charter@37southyachts.com

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