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Mark Illingworth

Engineering and Technology

Machinery and equipment specialist engineer - Headhunter, Cathelco, TRAC, HEM, Aqua Air

My responsibility with 37South is generating sales of equipment and machinery to shipyards building new yachts and customers refitting or upgrading their existing yachts in New Zealand and Australia.

We represent in our markets a small number of specialist high quality manufacturers based in Europe and the USA.

The engineering areas we are involved in are:

Fresh water production, treatment and reticulation.
Sanitation and waste water treatment.
Hydraulic power systems and manoeuvring thrusters.
Stabilisers and Motion control.
Corrosion Control and pipework antifouling.
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

We provide a high level of technical expertise at the design and selection phase of the purchasing decision and throughout the build. We are responsible for ‘hands on’ start up, commissioning and acceptance trials at completion.

We also provide fault finding, technical service and engineering support for vessels equipped with our brands of equipment that find their way to the South Pacific.

37South uses a small network of subcontractors to provide installation and service and I maintain that support network.

I maintain and develop our relationships with the manufacturers we represent.

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