Ecostore has been making environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products for almost two decades.  Made in New Zealand in their ISO 14001, Enviromark Diamond, CarboNZero and Kosher certified factory, ecostore’s range includes laundry products, kitchen consumables, household cleaners, hair care, skin care as well as hand and body wash products. Their range is available in retail as well as commercial (5l/5kg +) sizes.

Yachting Relevance | On Board Waste Water Treatment Systems

  • Kinder on Black and Grey water systems, reducing build up and smell, reducing maintenance.
  • The Engineers will love the stews for using these products!

People’s health = ecostore’s #1 priority

  • Most environmental brands look at the impact of their products solely on the environment, without consideration on the impact on people’s health
  • Ecostore only use plant and mineral based ingredients that are safe for the environment AND for humans and their products are free of potentially skin irritating chemicals like SLS, SLES, CAPBs, enzymes and synthetic perfumes
  • They practise the precautionary approach:  If there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, both for the environment and for people’s health – even if it is plant based ! – they will find an alternative

NO compromise on performance

  • Ecostore products are independently tested and are not released into the market unless they perform as well as (or better than) the leading retail brand alternative
  • World renowned scientist and humanitarian, Sir Ray Avery is ecostore’s lead formulator and chemist. Awarded New Zealander of the year in 2010, Sir Ray is a founding member of the University of Auckland School of Medicine’s department of clinical pharmacology

Value for money

  • Ecostore don’t use cheap bulking agents or fillers that give a false perception of value, so the dosage for their products is extremely low.
  • The cost per wash for ecostore’s auto dish washer powder is approximately half the market leader’s (18.5c vs. 33c*) and the cost per wash for ecostore’s  laundry powder has consistently been the lowest in the market.

* 13/06/12

Aesthetics are important

  • Ecostore’s packaging features the artwork of internationally renowned New Zealand artists John Reynolds (personal care) and the striking black and white photography of Deb and Mark Smith (cleaning& baby) ensuring that their products are not only beautiful to use, but lovely to look at as well

Leaders in sustainability

  • Ecsotore are the only SME cited by Kiwis as being sustainable (1)
  • They have been voted as the most trusted NZ brand leading the way in environmental thinking (2)
  • Awarded NZ’s Sustainable Business of the Year 2009

1. Nov 2010 & NOV 2011 Colmar Brunton annual pole of 2,500 New Zealanders
2. Jul 2009 Creo NZ Corporate Trust Survey