What is Gelair?
Gelair have been delivering solutions to mold and bacteria build up in air-conditioning units for a decade. The active ingredient of Gelair is an oil obtained from a specific type of tea tree grown in sub-tropical areas of Australia. Tea Tree Oil is a biocide that destroys mold and bacteria, both as a liquid or vapour.

Why do you need Gelair?
Yachts and ships operate where there is high humidity resulting in water condensation on the cooling coils of air conditioners which is then blown down ducts and into rooms. Moisture provides ideal conditions for mold and bacterial growth. Mold is responsible for allergic reactions and respiratory ill-health. Mold also causes staining, disliked musty odours and corrosion. Mold is a significant problem for many yachts and ships. Bacteria are also controlled by tea tree vapour.

Customer Feedback
We frequently receive unsolicited feedback from our customers that Gelair is the only product that controls mold and bacteria in their yachts and ships. Customers also find the products easy to use and store.

For more information on GELAIR, check out the GELAIR website.