37South is the Pacific distributor and technical representative for many leading equipment manufacturers. We design and supply for new build, refit and repair, parts and technical service. 37South since its inception has become one of the most credible suppliers of equipment and on board engineering systems to the regions Yacht builders and those refitting or upgrading. 

Cathelco headhunter TRAC HEM Aqua Air Yacht Equipment2


We have developed long term partnerships with leading industry manufacturers worldwide. Our focus is on delivering high quality practical solutions. We are able through our relationships with industry leaders in their fields to provide insight from around the world to help guide project decision makers. Sometimes what seems like a good idea may have been tried elsewhere with an unexpected outcome, this knowledge base and our commitment to practical real world engineering is a valuable resource for our customers.

We supply the best technical sales and support across a wide range of key products and specialist large yacht equipment.

We provide in-build assistance to the shipyard and for subsequent acceptance trials and commissioning, and then deliver consistent and reliable downstream service back-up for the boat as required.

We carry a large inventory of spare parts and consumables.

Our principle areas of expertise;
ABT-TRAC Stabilisers
ABT-TRAC Thrusters and integrated Hydraulic systems
HEM reverse osmosis desalinators
HEADHUNTER Inc. Sanitation and Waste water treatment.
CATHELCO Impressed Current Corrosion Protection
AQUA-AIR Pioneers in marine air-conditioning