Asset Management

Over the last few years there has been an enormous increase not only in yacht ownership, but in the size and complexity of the yachts themselves. It makes good sense to allow us to take care of the intricate tasks inherent in running a super yacht in the 21st century, so you can spend more time enjoying the yacht itself. We have an array of skills and a depth of experience that provides you with the confidence and security that your craft is being well steered by good hands. Our global supplier relationships and comprehensive experience in asset management mean the operations aspects are taken care of smoothly, efficiently, with minimum fuss, and with as little or as much involvement from you as you choose. For us it’s about providing flexibility, security and, simply getting things done.

Among the myriad things we can look after, we can provide the following:

  • Financial supervision including captain's cash review, disbursement of operating cash, international banking facilities, payroll facilities, currency exchange, secure deposit facilities etc
  • Fuel bunkering We have years of experience of offering our fuel bunkering services to the super yacht industry, delivering fuel and oil at most major ports in the South Pacific. What sets us apart is that 37 South deals directly with the fuel suppliers and port authorities, ensuring fuel is dispatched quickly and effectively and eliminating time-consuming and costly third party communication breakdowns. Competitive rates are negotiable and bunkering can be arranged from the pipe, truck, or from mini tankers for smaller quantities. Mini tankers can deliver directly to your boat wherever it's berthed, saving you valuable time by eliminating the need to relocate for fuelling purposes.
  • Emergency assistance for repairs, parts shipping, spare parts provision at short notice, and installation if required
  • Facilitating medical services and/or hospitalization for crew or guest medical emergencies
  • Full crew staffing supplies and/or the provision of individual personnel for specific tasks; payroll, mail, immigration / visa issues
  • Supervision of yard periods, refits, annual maintenance, class surveys, insurance claims, vendor quotes etc