Refit & Construction

One of the many skills 37 South can offer clients as a leading yacht support services company is the ability to successfully manage refit, maintenance and new construction projects. Experience is key with these sorts of projects and we have longstanding capability within our team that truly sets us apart from other operators. Since 1988, 37 South founders Allan Jouning and Phil Tomlinson have been at the leading edge of bringing refit projects to New Zealand shipyards, and project managing them to a successful conclusion. In many ways those early projects were the genesis of the refit and repair industry in New Zealand, and provided us with critical experience in facing, understanding and meeting the many and varied challenges that present themselves in this area of yacht operations.

A critical aspect of our way of operating is that we offer a wholly independent service. Vessels visiting the area for yard periods can contract 37 South to act as independent vessel representatives rather than rely solely on project managers provided by the selected shipyard or lead contractor. At 37 South we have retained complete independence: our loyalty is to you, the owner.