Domestic Services

37 South can help source special requirements: extra caterers for an impromptu function, security guards, reputable massage therapists, mobile hairdressers, carpet cleaners, houses and apartments for crew and guests or owner's shore-based accommodation - in fact just about anything you may need from doctors, dentists, floral designers, musicians to Maori culture groups and entertainers.

37 South have built a rapport with one of the largest apartment rental companies in Auckland and together we are able to source fully furnished upmarket apartments within walking distance of the Viaduct and shipyards around the CBD. These apartments range from the basic motel type to the luxurious with ensuite. One visiting vessel has been enjoying not one, but three apartments during the boat's stay. We have also amassed a list of doctors, medical centres, dentists and opticians who can take care of all your crew members' needs. A long standing relationship with a drycleaning/ laundry company has once again been renewed with the arrival of the summer fleet and as a bonus they offer a pick up and delivery service from their premises to the Viaduct.

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