37 South is a referral agent for the worldwide yacht insurance company Pantaenius.

"Every super yacht is unique and every super yacht needs unique cover. That is why Pantaenius has special teams dedicated to protecting our super yacht clients' interests. During the initial consultation, our experts are able to define those risks which are relevant to your particular type of yacht and your cruising plans etc. After in depth analysis, we produce a personal quotation and can provide immediate cover with our panel of first class underwriters.

As a specialist broker, we don't offer you a simple ready made package. We provide you with comprehensive risk management.

We are constantly dealing with the challenges posed by our super yacht clients. If you want to insure your Picasso, valuable wine cellar, or allow a film crew access to your yacht, the solutions offered will be tailor-made to your individual special requirements. The Pantaenius experts have the knowledge and the flexibility to meet your needs. Our insurance conditions and the services offered to you are kept under permanent review.

We at Pantaenius lay great importance on personal communication. Our super yacht experts foster partnership-based relationships with clients and we often provide help apart from insurance. Pantaenius is one of the few specialists in the yacht insurance sector, which not only offers its super yacht clients a 24 hour claims helpline but also, if disaster strikes, provides immediate, direct and uncomplicated assistance to both the owner and skipper."

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